Thoughts On Aging

The society is dominated by ideals of beauty that put young people in focus,
The picture series portrays four elders outside the comfort of their homes.
Their thoughts on aging are presented here.

Aging has happened so fast that I feel younger in my thoughts.
When I think about aging I remember someone who was 80 years old when I was young,
which I at the time thought was very old.
Now when I'm the same age I don't feel that old at all.
My thoughts are in the present, and mentally I still feel like 40.

To age and to gain weight is a reality you have to accept.
I am mainly concerned about keeping my movability, rather than my looks.
Some carry their wrinkles with dignity,
and what might be considered ugly becomes beautiful.

The society reflects a culture where we prioritize youthful beauty,
and we create an imagined counterweight to misery and death that we do not want to acquaint ourselves with.
There is always melancholy and sorrow when the body degrades,
but it cannot be avoided. I live with the insight that I age, and I find it both exciting and liberating.

I have lived out my inner charisma and security,
which has made it possible for me to sustain my self-confidence even next to someone beautiful with makeup.
Therefore I have always been able to go anywhere as long as I have been well-dressed and showered.
No makeup, only a natural old lady! I accept my aging without doubt, and I enjoy it.
I miss my husband, but life must go on.
The only thing we can do is to go along.